The strength of a Kindreds Blood is known as Blood Potency. Kindred in society are constantly aware of others blood potency, as the higher the potency the stronger The Beast.

Blood potency dictates how much blood a vampire can store, use and what the Kindred can feed from. Blood potency when interacting with people in Court can also affect Status.

A Kindreds Blood Potency is shown using red beads

The amount of blood a vampire can spend a turn is equal to their blood potency.

Blood Pool Edit

The amount of blood a vampire can store is called the blood pool.

When a Kindreds Blood Pool is full the Kindred recieves a small status boost. A vampire with a full blood pool can look flushed and more more human. However when it is low the Vampire is hungry. This means that the Kindred is more likely to risky feed, gain rage and look pale and unhealthy (if you are hungry this is represented by a white bead).

Disciplines and Potency Edit

Several disciplines allow you to manipulate the way that people percieve your blood potency and how you react to someones potency.

  • Obfuscate allows you to mask your potency.
  • Auspex allows you to see through the mask of Obfuscate; as long as your Auspex exceeds the level of obfuscate.
  • Protean allows you to ignore blood potency when interacting with higher potency vampires, meaning that your beast does not react to their potency.

Potency, The Beast and Status Edit

When interacting with people with blood potency higher than yourself, your Beast reacts and generally retreats before their Beast. This means that effectively you are increasing their status above yours as your Beast reconises their power over you.

Even if a member of Court hides their potency, you do not have to enact this difference in status as your Beast does not react to the cloaked potency. Although if you suspect they are substantially higher than you proper etiquette is recommended.

Feeding Edit

You can increase the amount of blood you get through feeding grounds, risky feeding, herds and from other Kindred and several other methods.

  • Kindred with potency 2 or lower can feed from animals.
  • Kindred between 3 and 7 must feed from Mortals.
  • Kindred 8 or higher can only feed from other Kindred.