Boons are a formal way of forming agreements, for paying debts, payment for work and for trading of goods and information.

If a boon is to be official every boon that is made must be reported to a Harpy. It is their role to ensure that boons are upheld.

Boons are often a mutual agreement, and cannot be enforced upon a Kindred unless the Kindred enforcing the Boon has some form of direct control over them.

Boons can be held for centuries before being called in if the reciever of the boon so wishes.

Types of Boon Edit

Trivial Boons Edit

These boons are so small they are not monitored or officially punished if broken. A trivial boon can be anything from, "Please hold this door open" to "Arrange these chairs".

If a high status Kindred asks you to do a trivial boon, it is unwise to refuse for such a trivial matter.

Minor Boons Edit

Minor boons are the most common form of a boon.

A minor boon can be used to pay for a piece of useful information, for the assistance of someone as a downtime action. It can be an agreement to trade resources, blood or information, and is sometimes used as payment for a job well done.

Breaking a minor boon can be problematic as some sort of compensation may be asked for if the problem is reported to the Harpies. It can also result in the Harpies disdain being put upon you.

Major Boons Edit

Major boons are rarely given or made without good reason.

Major boons indicate that a large amount of time ranging from a couple years to centuries to complete. It may involve the trading of a company for goods, or it might involve a servitude to another Kindred for a year.

Whatever the major boon is, it is going to involve substantial contributions from the payee.

Breaking a major boon is a serious offense if the boon has been reported to a harpy. Even if the boon was informally made it can have serious reprecusions.

Breaking Boons Edit

Breaking an official reported Boon is a serious offense within Court. If Kindred cannot be held to their word, then the public of Court should be made aware. Breaking boons can result in public humiliation, physical punishment and it can be difficult to form new alliances and friendships using boons in the future.

If the boon broken is large enough the matter can be taken to the Ruling Court.

Honorable Kindred can hold informal boons between each other, however if these boons are broken the harpies often have little power to punish the offending party. Often the offended party must simply publicly show that the boon has been broken and attempt to effect their standing in that fashion.