Q: What is Oxford By Night?

A: Oxford By Night is a Live Role Playing society based in Oxford (suprisingly!). We currently have one game running and that is Rule of Covenant. The game is based on the game, Vampire: The Requiem from White Wolf. The game is supplemented by a few house rules.

Q: What is a Role Playing game?

A: A roleplaying game is a group oriented activity wherein players assume the roles of characters and act out those parts during stories presented to them by a "Storyteller". The Storyteller will make up fictional events and players react to those events. In the case of you play supernatural creatures of the night with dark powers, an elaborate hidden social/political structure and as unquenchable thirst for blood.

Q: What's the Live Action bit mean?

A: Well, instead of sitting around a table, telling the ST what your character is going to do, you actually go do it. You want to talk to someone, go find them and talk to them. There are rules and game mechanics involved if you wish to interact with someone outside of a regular conversation, so there's no wandering over and hitting anyone, ok?

Q: Where is the game played and how often?

A: The game usually takes place on the first Saturday of each month from 19:00. Click here to see our events calendar for details of forthcoming game dates.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: usually between £2 and £3 a session depending on the hire cost of the venue, however, we are a non-profit organisation, so any extra money over and above the venue hire will either be used for props or fed back to the players somehow.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to play?

A: Nope, just your imagination and enthusiasm. Costume is good, though remember, the vampiric society in which you will be playing is hidden to mortal eyes and seeks to remain that way, so nothing too out of the ordinary or anachronistic without prior arrangement with the STs. Oh, and strictly NO replica weapons. We don't want any misunderstandings with the local Police Armed Response Unit, OK?

Q: Sounds cool, how do I get involved?

A: Well, I suggest you contact the StoryTellers and discuss any concept you may have for your character. If you don't have any inspiration, then speak to the ST anyway and he'll try and help you work something out.

Q: The question I wanted to ask isn't listed here, how do I get it answered?

A: Well, if it's a question regarding the game, contact the StoryTellers and if it's a question about the website or the society in general, contact the webmaster . We'll try and answer any questions you have as promptly as possible, but please bear with us.