The Harpies are responsible for maintaining the status system within Court and monitoring and enforcing Boons. They are often socialites or politicians and have an excellent knowledge of etiquette.

Harpies are argueably some of the most powerful Kindred in Court. With a few words they can change public opinion and build up or destroy a Kindreds status relatively easily.

Getting onto the wrong side of a Harpy is not always such a good idea.

The Harpies Court is composed of 3 Kindred (known as a Triumvate), usually with high standing.

Powers of the Harpies Edit

Regardless of your Standing, you may approach a Harpy at any time to discuss the following:

  • Status - All status changes regarding support and favour must be reported to the Harpies so that they may monitor the Kindred of Courts standing. They must not, at any time, lie about these status changes or they may be removed from the position.
  • Boons - Boons are monitored by the Harpies. If a boon is made Harpies are to record it. If a boon is registered with the Harpies and is broken the Harpies can give the offending party Harpies Disdain, or they can consult the Ruling Court for further punishment.
  • Harpies Disdain - If a member of Court breaks etiquette, the Harpies may place thier Disdain upon a Kindred. This acts as a multiplyer for any other disdain that this Kindred may have. Each member of the Triumvate can decide to support this disdain, abstain or veto it. As long as the majority of Harpies agree the harpies Disdain goes forward. The Harpies disdain can be increased to Scorn (with at least 2 Harpies agreeing) or Wrath (All 3 must agree).

Selecting Harpies Edit

The Triumvate is selected by the Ruling Court, the Priscus of each clan, the head of each Covenant and the existing Harpies.

Usually the Kindred in the position of Harpy do not change unless there is a dramatic change in the political structure within Court or a member of the Triumvate steps down for whatever reason (This usually occurs because members of the Ruling Court cannot be members of the Harpy Triumvate). When this occurs a reselection takes place.

At the beginning of Court, it is announced that there is a vacancy available in the Triumvate, each candidate then has that Court to bolster support. At the end of the Court the selections are tallied and the new Triumvate is formed.

The selections for the Harpies can be changed at any time, although they must be announced in Court. The tallys of these should be monitored by the Harpies themselves.

If a member of Court stands and is not of sufficient standing to rightfully take the place of Harpy and does not have the support of sufficient Kindred to take the role, that Kindred may be placed under Harpies Disdain.

Harpies of Wessex Edit

Clifton Lee-Collier

Daniel Watson

Christian Mason

Previous Harpies of Wessex Edit


Edward Trent

Gwynth D'Claire

Thomas Buchannan