Sometimes it is required that a skill or discipline is required and cannot be live role played.

Methods of Rolling Edit

In a live action role playing game it is not always convienient to carry dice, although if available can easily be used.

All that is required is a random number between 1 and 10, so you can also use playing cards or a stopwatch (using the milliseconds when you click for it to stop)

Another common method is to use your hands.

Both players put their hands behind their backs and show a random number of fingers. Each player reveals their hands and adds the too numbers.

If the total is greater than 10, minus 10 from the figure and that is the roll.

Contested, Uncontested and Relented Rolls Edit

Usually, when rolling you have a modifier of that ability, skill or discipline which is found on your Character Sheet. This figure depending on the type of roll you are doing is added to the random number rolled. Sometimes rolls require you to subtract a figure from your opponents character sheet. If you are unsure about this please call for a story teller.

When the roll is uncontested, (the other player is unable to resist your ability or the roll is for an action) then the total is compared to the success table (seen below or on your character sheet) and the result of your roll either goes ahead or doesnt.

If the roll is contested (the other player can resist your ability) then both of you roll, add your totals seperately and the person with the higher number of successes wins. If the number of successes is a draw then the roll goes to the defenders favour.

A relented roll is a contested roll that your opponent has not resisted and will go forward as long as you succeed.

Success or failure Edit

Dependant on the total that is left determines if you have succeeded or failed.

If you roll under 10 you fail, and the skill or ability does not occur. If you roll a 10 or over you succeed. Numbers of successes are determined by the amount over 10 you get.

Total Result
<10 Failure
10-12 1 Success
13-15 2 Successes
16-18 3 Successes
19-21 4 Successes
22+ 5 Successes